Thursday, April 16, 2015


Classroom Discussion

In class we discussed words we associate with the term currency.  Many of the words were related to monetary forms throughout history with some words being interchangeable between Economics and Psychology/Sociology.  I mentioned an article about money-changing.  Here's the link to it.  

Khan Academy has a series of 9 videos on Currency.  To further your understanding of the concept please watch them.  

Currency exchange introduction: Introduction to how exchange rates can fluctuate


This is a quick but thorough news show about Bitcoin.  It has some issues, but may be a revolutionary technology.

Check out these other two videos to learn more -- one is a Future Spoiler.

Check out these

The Federal Reserve

I briefly mentioned the Federal Reserve and their role in US Economics.  Here are some videos that explain more:



  • Identify the Economic Philosophy of the potential and declared Presidential Candidate
          Here are some links to get you started: 
                       NY Times Who Is Running for President
              2016 Presidential Candidates on the Issues
  • Come up with your own investment philosophy.  
           Here are some links to get you started: 
                       Dave's Investment Philosophy
                       Types of Investments (Investopedia)
                       Wells Fargo Investment Types

  • In your game of life figure out what would be your ideal retirement option.  Create a 5 point outline of specifics.  Ex. investments, savings, home, etc.  

  • As we discussed the GDP, I mentioned well-being, what are four things that are central to your perception of well-being?  This will be personal and unique to you.  How will that impact your choices in the Game of Life?  How do societal changes impact you?  What are ways you can live your values?  Write a short essay exploring these questions.  

We will have a special guest for the last two classes.  Please come in prepared and ready to learn!


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