Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Game of Life" Project Overview

Game of Life Intro

During the semester we will be completing a "Game of Life" project.  It will give you an opportunity to "play" with economic principles and will hopefully be a fun, educational, and interesting project!

Maybe you've played the board game Life  --  if you have,  you know it is about chance -- pulling the cards that get you the best job and landing on the spaces that grant the great things in life.  We'll be following this model, but, for the project, you can (and SHOULD) evaluate your choices instead of just pulling from a pile of cards.  In addition, you will learn to apply economic principles from class to your "Life" choices for the complete project.

To get started follow these steps:
  1. Take a Personality/Aptitude test to find jobs for which you'd be suited.  (DeVry Personality Profile; About.com Career Tests and Career Assessments)
  2. Choose three careers to investigate.  
  3. Research and record the educational requirements, median salary, projections (potential for growth, etc.) and career satisfaction for your choices.
  4. What areas of the country have the highest demand for your careers?  What is the cost of living in those areas?
  5. Find one economics article (periodical) about a career field you have chosen.

Additional Assignments

Please read the essay,  I,  Pencil.  And read the short story, Babette's Feast.  

Here's a link to Junior Achievement Economics Vocabulary (PDF) and Economics A-Z Terms (online dictionary).  We'll be using and applying these terms throughout the semester.  Familiarize yourself with the terms and utilize the online dictionary.

Also, please start exploring famous Economists.  Here are a couple of links to try: Famous Economists and their Contributions; Influential Economists  

We'll be exploring theory and applications in this class and I encourage you to develop your own personal economics philosophy.    

We'll also have fun!  


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