Thursday, February 26, 2015

Creative Destruction

'I, Pencil' Movie

If you have not had a chance to read 'I, Pencil' please make sure to read it before next week (it was one of the pamphlets I handed out at registration).  To reinforce the article here's the movie: 

Creative Destruction:

We will be discussing some major topics throughout class.  The term creative destruction gives us a platform to discuss these topics like innovation (check out this article about these innovators to watch in 2015), markets, change (economic change, etc), trade, and how these are different within different economic ideologies.

Power of the Market Milton Friedman

Economic Philosophy and Ideology Resources: 

Historical Perspectives of Economic Ideology in US History: 

My great uncle served in the CCC.  This is a way history touches today.  Economic policies of Government have immediate and long-term impacts.  Make sure you have your decade report ready!

Thoughts from Clay Christensen for THE GAME OF LIFE

For Fun


  • Decade Report
  • Watch the videos on here
  • Figure out one or two item(s) that has been the victim of creative destruction
  • Investigate some political policy or governmental program and create a chart that examines the economic philosophy (or philosophies) that support the program.  This can be a historical program or policy or current one.  (Chart just has to be a short outline, but you need to have some primary documents to support your outline -- not just Wikipedia).  

Hope to see you next week!  


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